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Recently our models took to the catwalk and studio for a new and exciting project. Meet Kate, Shirley and Samanta….

1.       Did you enjoy the show or the shoot better?

KATE: I enjoyed the show more-was great fun

SHIRLEY: I loved the show, it was so exciting getting ready as a big group

SAMANTA: I enjoy both

2.       Any funny moments?

KATE: Nothing in particular but there always laughter an giggles at the shows and on shoots. They’re so much fun.

SHIRLEY: How hungry we were!

3.       What was your favourite outfit at the shoot/show?

KATE: My favourite outfit was the pink and grey dolly outfit! It’s something I would never wear every day so it’s nice to get the opportunity  to wear something different. It was so pretty.

SHIRLEY: Our show girl outfits at the show were fun to dress up in.

SAMANTA: The white dress

4.       In real life…what is your fashion “go to”?

KATE: My fashion ‘go to’ is definitely glam. I love any opportunity to dress up and put on a pair of heels.

SHIRLEY: Dresses and boots always or boyfriend style jeans

5.       Who is your favourite designer?

KATE: My favourite designer would have to be Victoria Beckham, her designs are so simplistic and elegant but so striking! She is also such a style icon.

SHIRLEY: Tommy Hilfiger

SAMANTA: Donatella Versace

6.       What’s the last thing you watched on TV ?

KATE: I’m currently watching Love Island and loving it.

SHIRLEY: Love Island

SAMANTA: Some Russian Comedy

7.       What’s your favourite place on earth?

KATE: I think it would have to be Paris. It is such an incredible city and I can’t wait to go back


SAMANTA: My Home City of Riga

8.       What’s your favourite meal?

KATE: Breakfast, I love porridge and fruit to start off my day. Especially if I’m working or going to the gym, it’s essential!


9.       Lipstick or lip-gloss?

KATE: Lipstick definitely, I feel that lipgloss is so sticky!

SHIRLEY: Lipgloss

SAMANTA: Anything with sea food!

10.   Cats or dogs?

KATE: Dogs, we have one dog in our house and he’s just so spoilt, we adore him!!

SHIRLEY: Dogs 100%


11.   Granny pants or thongs?

KATE: Thongs, I find granny pants the most uncomfortable things ever !!!



12.   What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

KATE: Chocolate! I do eat quite healthy in general but I don’t think I couldn’t live without chocolate.

SHIRLEY: A bra or a razor

SAMANTA: J’adore Perfume

13.   What’s in your handbag right now?

KATE: My purse. My makeup essentials for my bag is a lipstick, lipliner and powder! My portable charger, my phone is always running out of battery. And gum.

SHIRLEY: Limited cash, hair brush, paracetamol, lip liner, concealer, Sudoku book, socks!

SAMANTA: alot of makeup, obliviously perfume, keys, wallet and phone.

14.   What’s are you listening to right now?

KATE: I listen to everything really, I don’t have one taste in music

SHIRLEY: Denis Sulta Dubelle Oh xx

SAMANTA: Hip Hop Music

15.   What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe?

KATE: My Louis Vuitton shoes!

SHIRLEY: Love my VS underwear, can’t pick just one.

SAMANTA: My Dresses and High Heels

16.   What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

KATE: Recently I was walking through city centre, people everywhere… and my dress blew completely up, I was mortified haha.

SHIRLEY: Farted in an one-to-one interview!!!

SAMANTA: It is shame to tell haha

17.   How long does it take you to decide what to wear?

KATE: It really depends on the occasion, if I’ve an event or something big coming up I will start planning my outfit as soon as I hear about it. In the morning I usually have outfits already made up, so not usually too long.


SAMANTA: 20 mins


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