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Meet Doireann….

By March 22, 2018No Comments2 min read

Quick Fire round with Doireann:

What is your favorite color? My favourite colour is pink.
What is your favorite food? Hot dogs.
What is your favorite treat? Fudge
What is your favorite subject in school? Science
What is your favorite hobby? Playing the guitar (Mom:  “she doesn’t know how to play guitar- she has a toy one”)
What is your favorite movie? Star Wars The Force Awakens.
What is your favorite tv show?Scooby Dooby Doo.
What is your favourite animal? I think a Phoenix (!)
What is your favourite vegetable? Broccoli
What is your favourite fruit? An apple
What is your favourite song? The opening theme of the Lion King or Uptown Funk.
What is your favourite place to visit? I love to visit my Auntie Lynnie in London.
What’s a place you WANT to visit?  Hogwarts!
What would you like to be when you grow up? I think someone who creates Disney films, I like to draw a lot.
What do you want to learn to do? Fly & then swim-fly like Miss Whatsitt in A Wrinkle in Time.
What do you wish for? I wish for my friends to be really happy all the time.
What age do you look forward to being? Hmmm, 19 because I might get a phone at that time.
What makes you happy? Mummy because she gives me cuddles.
Do you prefer modeling or acting & why? Acting because you actually get to believe in yourself & you can be whoever else you like for a minute or maybe a day.


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