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Fraser Actor Sharon McCoy stars as Delia Murphy in ‘Goodnight Delia’ at The Dolmen Theatre running until March 17th.👏🏻

Opening on Monday March 5th and running until March 17th, ‘Goodnight Delia’ is a new play by John Murphy.
It’s 1971 and following an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’ the much loved Irish singer Delia Murphy has fallen ill. At night she wanders the hospital corridor and enters a waiting room where she encounters a young child. As the chance encounter draws on it becomes apparent that Delia is in a special place and there may be a lot more to her young audience than meets the eye.

“Sharon McCoy’s Voice is an absolute revelation” Sharon McCoy gives a remarkable performance bringing to life the story of a woman who had her own way of doing things.

Don’t miss the incredible story of the unsung hero of Irish song!

Check out this image of Sharon at Delia Murphys grave!

‘Goodnight Delia’ is a new play by John Murphy. Click here for ticket information:

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