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Flavour Your Friday with Florian

By September 23, 2016No Comments4 min read

Meet Fraser Model Florian.

Florian Howlett 1

MODELLING INTERVIEW c/o Aileen Noonan, “Fashion Sensations”

I am delighted to have interviewed Florian Howlett and be talking about men’s fashion for my male readers. Florian is an upcoming Irish Model who is currently working for Fraser Models and Actors (

He will be sharing how he got involved with modelling, his own personal style and advice for those also keen in modelling.

First up, how did you first get involved in modelling?

I first got into modelling through acting. I appeared as an extra and double for an upcoming British TV series “Red Water” and was recommend by leading cast members to apply to a modelling agency and to follow up on my dream as being an actor. I took their advice and here I am now, signed with an agency, which is very exciting!

Do you have a male model that you find inspiring?

I would find ‘David Gandy’ to be the male model who I aspire to. You have to admit he has a great body which I hope to get in years to come, there is always hope!

How would you describe your personal style?

In three words I would say unpredictable, stylish, warm. Some days I could go around with tracksuits and messy hair, next day I could be all dressed up in a shirt perhaps, jeans/ chinos and a fitted jumper if it’s cold. One of my favourite designers is Tommy Hilfiger because it’s formal but not too formal and great quality!

What is one item of clothing that every man should have in his closet?

Something I wouldn’t leave the house without is a jumper or jacket. Ireland is a cold country and I cannot stand being cold, so as long I have a jacket or jumper I’m content. Like my big warm jacket in the picture above- so cosy.

For those interested in pursuing modelling what is the best advice that you would give them?

The best advice I could give to someone starting off is that you should have an idea of what agency you want to join. Make sure you read their requirements for what they need for example ‘ Height , Experience etc..’. I was too small for some agencies I was looking at, I was lucky to find ‘Fraser Models and Actors’ that I just fitted their height requirement at 5’10 (I know I’m small for being a model). After searching and reading you need to find out ‘how to apply’, most agencies require an email or an online form. Best advice would be to try for both Fashion modelling and Commercial modelling and be open-minded. I attended an open for Frasers and was taken onto their books for Commercial modelling. After a talk with the agency and a few weeks later I found myself being signed to their Fashion division in which now I appear on their website under Fashion. Be patient, even I sometimes struggle with that but I’m starting to learn, it takes time, but once it happens, it happens!

And finally, what are your hopes for modelling this year?

I wish to gain more experience and be a part of more jobs. I could have an amazing project lined up so fingers crossed I get it! If I do, it will open more doors for me.

Had an amazing time interviewing Florian, don’t forget to check him out on

Insta: @ florian_howeltt1 and Frasers Fashion

To read the full interview go to “Fashion Sensations”: where Aileen Noonan blogs about her love for fashion and its impact on her life. She discusses  how she creates her own clothes , shares fashion  tips and interviews people in fashion and in the industry.



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