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Meet Matthew…

By February 3, 2016No Comments2 min read

Hey Matthew,

So tell us, how long have you been with Fraser models and Actors?

> I think just under 2 years now?!

You have just  shot a campaign for Lifestyle sports which we are seeing everywhere. What was it like filming this shoot?

>Really exciting.  A lot of the running stuff was shot outside in Greystones by the sea. It was blo*dy freezing. My nipples could have cut ice. But apart from that really fun and I met some really nice people.

So, tell us….How did you hear about Fraser Models and Actors and all the work we have?

>My dad had actually done some shoots with Alex (Fraser) way back when in the ’80s.  I asked him once about how to go about doing this sort of work and he directed me onto Alex’s agency.
Did your mates give you much stick over the lastest Lifestyle photoshoot?

>Yes is the short answer. I don’t take myself too seriously though so i just go along with it..

Few Quick Fire Questions:

Favorite Drink: sparkling water and blackcurrant has been a recent favourite.

Favorite Venue: Hmm Vintage Cocktail club perhaps.

Favorite Food: Siam Thai Yellow curry for the lads!

Favorite Place in the World: Bali, Indonesia.

Rugby or Football? ..Surfing and MMA.

Football or GAA? Snowboarding.

Favorite clothes shop / label? Anticulture: a label that sprung up in London a year or two ago but have sadly since stopped producing. Very elusive but I hope they start producing again. They had some really sweet stuff.


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