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So how long have you been with Fraser models and Actors Neil?

>About three winters.

And what was it like filming this tv commercial / shoot?

> I drank. I danced. I made friends. Somewhere in that they made a commercial. Class. The perfect meeting of fun and professionalism.

So..tell us….How did you hear about Fraser Models and Actors and all the work we have?

> There’s an extra. Older than most. I knew him as the hardest working extra in Dublin. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Kind of like when Luke Skywalker meets Obi Wan Kenobi. Except instead of handing me a lightsaber he handed me a phone and Sarah was on the other end. The rest is history.

Do you find there’s a difference in the variation of the jobs you’ve done over the years?

> If there wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t be interested. There’s been Clothing labels, Shower Companies and Beer. All the makings of a great time.

Did your mates give you much stick over the lastest HopHouse photoshoot?

> Yes of course. But they’re just jealous right? Honestly though, people are very positive. I havn’t had a single negative experience… yet. My Mam is well proud.

Few Quick Fire Questions:

Favorite Drink: Hophouse 13… obviously. But if you want to buy one for me, something with a double measure of gin will do.

Favorite Venue: Wherever the good music is playing. The weirder the better.

Favorite Food: I’m torn between Carbonara and Burritos right now. The solution? Carburritos!

Favorite Place in the World: My mate Baz’s gaf.

Rugby or Football? The only game that interests me is the Game of Thrones

Football or GAA? I told you already… Game of Thrones.

Favorite clothes shop / label? You’ll have to consult my agency about that one.



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