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From Russia, With Love

By November 18, 2015February 3rd, 2016No Comments2 min read

Meet Dasha….

(1) What made you first become a model? I remember, I have been always charmed by beautiful girls from adds and magazine covers, when I was a kid. And I was thinking to myself: “I’ll be like them, when I grow up”. So, unsurprisingly, first thing I did when I started living on my own without parents – I went to a model agency. That’s how it started.

(2) How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?I guess, it was quite a strange mix of excitement and embarrassment. Excitement, because it was such a great feeling of liaising with a photographer and team. You forget about everything else, only Here and Now exist. And embarrassment because you can always do better, you start analyzing what you could have done, but you haven’t, and these thoughts about missed opportunities tortured me for a while 🙂

(3) If your were not a model, what other profession would you have
been doing instead?
I would love to write. I finished a degree in journalism, so, it’s my another passion, I love writing and definitely will do something with it in future.

(4) What are guilty pleasures food wise?
Chocolate biscuit cake, Pasta/Noodles, brown bread and cheeeese

(5) What beauty tips do you swear by?
Sport, sleep, sauna,

(6) What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

Music, coffee, books

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