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We caught up with Anne after her week long promotion for Lyons Tea and here’s what she had to say about it:

“As one of the trio of Lyons Golden Girls  who were “on tour” to companies over 5 days, and being in reality well and truly a golden girl of 65 plus VAT, I enjoyed every minute of it. I just loved the whole idea; the gold leggings; gold jewellery; gold trolley with gold cups and teapot etc.

Only management in these companies knew we were coming, it was a surprise for the staff, so on the first visit to a radio station, and when the reaction to us seemed a tad subdued, I checked with Simon if it was ok to go with a Dublin accent, and when he agreed,  I was off, doing what I love best – acting! “Lyons O’Clock – anyone here remember the original Golden Girls? Well we’re today’s Golden Girls and I’m called the Brew Babe in Lyons.  Molton gold liquid on offer to revive your energy, AND a chocki treat, but it must be a tweet for a treat”. (Show HashTag on back of tee shirt with a little hip wiggle).  Well they were all on their feet clamouring for photos. I always asked for young handsome guys for mine, and we had great fun with those. A highlight photo was one with Pat Kenny.

So that became the routine for the 5 days. We did 2 offices each morning, scuttling by van, bus or Luas, with Simon guarding his Granny’s trolley with his life. There was a moment one day when short of time and so without  changing, two of us in our gold leggings etc, clambered aboard the fuchsia pink van in the city centre, when I sincerely hoped the Gardai, let alone anyone I knew, were in absencia!

All the management and staff of the newspaper offices,  radio stations, and magazines were all so welcoming and kind, and really enjoyed our visits.

I can’t say it wasn’t tiring, but it was huge fun and a great experience.
Thank you Lyons!!”

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