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By December 4, 2014No Comments2 min read

“Last August I was flown to the beautiful town of Saas Fee in Switzerland to play the role of Megan in the upcoming feature film,Interference, directed by Christoph Lehmann. Being immersed in such a professional atmosphere was both enriching and informative. Arriving on set, I was first introduced to the cast and crew and then given a tour of the location. We rehearsed my scene for two days trying out various improvisations in order to complete Christoph’s vision. I found this experience really rewarding and really enjoyed working with Christoph and the other actors. We then shot my scene over a day and a half.  Christoph seemed very happy with the end result and complimented all of us on a job well done.  We then had celebratory drinks and dinner before flying back to Ireland the next day. Overall, I loved my experience of playing the role of Megan in Interference and I’m really looking forward it’s premiere in Toronto, Canada, 2015.”



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