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Meet Melissa….

By April 7, 2014May 15th, 2014No Comments2 min read

[clear] “It  was dark and wintery when I arrived on set to meet with the all girl cast for the final scene in the commercial, “the school reunion” at Blackthorn studios, Sandyford.

After a hair and makeup check I was escorted into wardrobe where the scene reminded me of being 15 again, at a friend’s bedroom pre-disco gathering as we scrambled to find our outfits, retouch lippy and tame disobedient strands of hair in amongst the giggles and laughter.

We quickly moved into the large studio, which was baltic given the weather outside. The crew and other cast members including Caroline Morahan had been working tirelessly since dawn. It was great to meet Caroline and get a glimpse of her in action as I caught her finishing a scene; she has a great energy and a really down to earth attitude.
We took our places on the nightclub set with our co-stars. The dim set was speckled with fairy lights and the buzz and girly nattering in the air meant I didn’t feel cold anymore. We were on set to have fun and working with such great girls made it incredibly easy. And in fact, it was fun!

The director Brian O’ Malley and his crew made everything seem easy and straightforward. and everything ran smoothly. The whole experience was very uplifting and I hope that came across on screen!”

You can see Melissa’s full profile here.

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