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“It was all about dancing and letting myself free with some funny lines studied and haunting in my head. After the second casting where I had to let loose a bit further with jumps and hops getting a little higher, I was sent off with a bar of Twix. Probably to restore the energy I had lost during the 10-15 min of trial..I was confident then that I had got the part 🙂
So when I got the call from Frasers that I had been chosen, the fun started.
The staff at Sweet Media were ever so great and they took such a good care of me within the two days of filmings. They organized transportation to the shootings and home even after the last day’s work which I was very grateful for as I live out of town.
The actual shooting day one was intense, I thought, until the second day was over..:) .Full of joy and happiness from being able to act like a “Crazy Girl”it was a brilliant as after all I was just being asked to be myself 🙂
Brilliant experience and fantastic result, too. The advert is worth every calorie I lost dancing on those benches and running those stairs! ” – Ela

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