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Check out our fashion models Belinda Cherry, Ela Roslender and Karl Bowe in this clip for TG4’s new TV show.
These are incredible scenes at a dairy farm in Ireland, where bikini clad fashion models take part in the birth of a calf. The female calf was born strong and healthy and was standing on its feet 20 minutes after the birth. The birth was overseen by the farm owner and vet to ensure all went well. The birth was filmed to promote a new travel documentary series for TG4 called Wwoofáil. Wwoofáil/Wwoofing (World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a trend where people combine a holiday with organic farm work to get free accommodation and food. The series begins Thursdays at 10pm on TG4, from 21st March and runs for 6 weeks.

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